• September 20, 2004 at 01:14

    Ok, here comes a little story from the Netherlands.

    2 days ago I was going through some stuff in my attic and I found some audiocassettes and I decided to play some of them on my old stereo.
    When I was playing some of them I remembered for some reason a black tape with synthesizer music on it that I played a lot when I was spending my time behind my Commodore 64. Where could this tape be? It was not with the tapes I found in my house.
    I suddenly remembered that there where more tapes at my parents house where I spend most of my childhood. I drove to my parents and climbed up the attic.

    In a dusty old box I found it. No cover… just the back tape.
    It had the name INNER SPIRITS and no artist name. It said made in Holland, the word laser in a circle and the number 46007 and there was a track listing on it.

    I drove home and put the tape in my stereo. It was the right tape! There where those sounds again that for some reason where printed in my memory. Like they never left.

    I was wondering who the artist would be so I tried to search on the words inner spirits and Pebbels in the pond on the internet because that was the name of the album and one of the tracks.

    Surprisingly I got some hits and I found the official Ed Starink fan page.
    Amazing how things go sometimes.

    But… I am wondering… is this album available on cd?

    Greetings from the Netherlands,

  • September 20, 2004 at 20:47

    Hi Jeroen,

    Thats a really nice and interesting story.

    Yes, “Inner Spirits” has been also released on CD but is not longer available in the shops. but you may find a used one on ebay or another internet auction.

    Therefore I recommend you to subscribe the StarinkWorld newsletter for receiving the biweekly AuctionWatch newsletter.

    Hartelijke groeten!

    Andy Heinz